Twister Dondurma Makinesi

Ürün Detayları :

  • 6000 – 7000 Devir/Saat
  • 100% Inox + Teflon
  • İmalat Süresi : 6 Ay
  • Made in Bursa/Türkiye
  • Basic machine;
    – Frame
    – One set of Conveyor
    – Electric, Pneumatic System with Computer SIEMENS and display
    – Cutting system with hot wire

    Optionals & Additions;
    – Stainless Steel Plates
    – Pick & Place System

Machine is designed horizontally extruded products in one, or two flavors, the typical ice cream product of Rolled/Twisted.
The machine is made from stainless steel and elements of aluminum, electrical elements are adopted the international brand, PLC & display are of SIEMENS.
Ice cream product is dosed onto plastic trays, after being formed decorated (chocolate or jam spraying, and nuts), the cut piece if ice cream product is transferred out of machine. Then will be ready for hardening or for flow-wrapping

Dondurma Extruder ve Maraş Kesme Hattı

Ürün Detayları :

  • 2000 Devir/Saat
  • 100% Inox
  • Made in Bursa/Türkiye

The Food Tools machines below are designed for ice cream cutting. Ice cream cakes, pies and logs, as well as Maras, Spumoni and Gelato, are all examples of frozen dairy ice cream products that can be easily and accurately cutted utilizing the following Food Tools mechanical machines.